Microsoft Edge WebView2 now available for .NET and more

A month ago, Microsoft announced general availability of WebView2 for Win32 C/C++ apps. WebView2 is based on Chromium, just like Microsoft's new Edge browser. It's the successor to the EdgeHTML-based WebView. The Redmond firm was clear that there was more on the way, and it announced general availability of WebView2 for .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET Framework WinForms and WPF apps on existing versions of Windows.

That's not all though. Another thing that was promised and is being delivered today is WebView2 Fixed Version distribution mode. Most WebView2 elements will be updated regularly, just like Chromium is. In fact, Chromium and Edge are updated every six weeks, and the SDK is planned to have the same cadence.

But you might want to have a specific version for your app, whatever the reason may be. With the Fixed Version distribution mode, you'll be able to do exactly that, and it won't be automatically updated.

Microsoft said that moving forward, it's goong to continue to update the SDK every six weeks. You can find the latest release notes here, and find new announcements here.

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