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Microsoft fixes high CPU usage, IDE hanging on Visual Studio 2022 version 17.6.4

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Last night, Microsoft released the latest version 17.6.4 of Visual Studio 2022. The new version fixes a high CPU usage bug when multiple test projects were run in sequence. This was a consequence of the constant data polling via testhost, and it has been disabled in this release. The new version also fixes an issue when saving a C++ file would hang the IDE (integrated development environment).

The full changelog is given below:

Summary of What's New in this Release of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.6.4

  • Fixed an issue where Saving a C++ file sometimes results in the IDE hanging.
  • Fixed an issue when "Show All Files" mode is set for a VC project sometimes results from files in those projects will be missing in GoTo and FindInFiles.
  • Fixed '__declspec(property) causes syntax errors with C++20 and /clr
  • Fixed a race condition in ASAN initialization causing crashes on start up
  • When multiple test projects are run in sequence, vstest.console can consume a lot of CPU because it is constantly polling for data from testhost that is started but not executing yet. This was mitigated by disabling testhost pre-start. This regression was introduced in 17.6.0.
  • Fixes a MessagingRemoteException when an XCFramework is involved in MAUI targeting iOS. Ref xamarin/macios#18308.
  • This version of Visual Studio includes Win App SDK 1.3.230502000. See Windows App SDK release channels - Windows appsfor more details.
  • Includes servicing update 10.0.22621.1778 for Windows SDK for Windows 11. See Windows SDK for details.
  • Fixed a bug where document tabs could accidentally undock into a floating window.
  • Fixes some Visual Studio crashes on Solution Close.

Developer Community Highlights

You may find more details on Microsoft's official website.

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