Microsoft fixes WSATools error so that it finally shows up on Microsoft Store search

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WSATools now correctly shows up on Microsoft Store's search. Earlier, when one would search wsatools or something of that sort in the search bar, a different app called "Apk™Installer" would pop up instead of the real WSATools. This app seemed like a total copy-paste hack job of the real WSATools.

The app developer Simone Franco shared this update on Twitter and it looks like the Microsoft Store team had received the feedback from the developer about this issue and worked on it to resolve it. Alongside that, Franco also says that they have reported the app for copying the app description.

The saga between WSATools and Microsoft had been a long one. For those unaware, WSATools was an app released on the Microsoft Store nearly two months ago and it is designed to streamline the process of sideloading Android apps on Windows 11, from a rather tricky process of using the Android Debug Bridge (adb) command-line tool method.

However, it was later removed from the Store for some valid reasons. Finally, it's back again and now also available through the search bar. Still, if the app isn't available on your device for some reason, you can find it via this link, though, keep in mind that this is not official Microsoft software.

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