Microsoft now allows greater control over account aliases

One of the cool features of Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail is that it allows users to use “aliases” which work like real accounts but forward your e-mail to your desired inbox. Now the company is allowing users greater control over these aliases.

The original aliases were only useful as secondary e-mail addresses so you wouldn’t be forced to tell your boss to e-mail you at But Microsoft soon added the ability to sign-in with your aliases which made things a lot easier for some of us, but also a bit more insecure, since any of your aliases could be used on your account.

Now the company has finally found that middle ground, and users can select which aliases can and cannot be used to sign-in to their Microsoft accounts. As the company itself mentions, it’s a good idea to keep that number of accounts low, and focus on aliases you use regularly.

As some of us make use of this feature regularly, we’re very happy to see Microsoft keep improving, although we do have to wonder what took so long with what seems like fairly obvious improvement to make.

Thanks Tommy for the tip in our forums!

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