Microsoft posts Webkit to IE adaptation guide

One of the biggest complaints around Windows Phone has been the fact that even though Internet Explorer 10 is a really good browser, many websites still look awful due to outdated mobile sites. And that’s because most mobile websites target Webkit browsers and completely ignore IE.

Now Microsoft has published a pretty detailed guide on how to adapt your Webkit focused website to work great with Internet Explorer 10. The guide has 5 steps that covers the most common issues, and should help any developer address this problem.

They state, and we totally agree, that by making a few small changes not only will devs have less code to maintain but, more importantly, they will give their customers a much better experience. Microsoft also notes that in the majority of cases changes to code will be minimal.

The post ends with a “Call to action” paragraph that urges developers to use this guide and do all Windows Phone users a giant favor, and improve their sites.

It’s nice to see Microsoft finally standing up for its customers and we hope this works and more folks get onboard. 

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog

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