Microsoft removes Windows 11 22H2 upgrade block on some PCs suffering from gaming issues

A Windows 11 desktop wallpaper with Xbox controller overlay

The bugs and issues on Microsoft's new Windows 11 22H2 OS keep mounting. For example, Printer problems forced the company to put in an upgrade block, though, it has now been removed after reaching a resolution. Most recently, there have been remote connectivity issues due to the malfunctioning Remote Desktop app.

Gaming, too, hasn't been immune from the 2022 feature update as the Redmond company finally acknowledged gaming performance issues on the new Windows version after several user and reviewer complaints. This led Microsoft to put an upgrade block or safeguard hold on such devices.

While the bug(s) leading to such problems have not been fully resolved yet, Microsoft has published an update on the matter partially removing the block. On its health dashboard, the company writes:

November 22, 2022: The safeguard hold with the safeguard ID of 41990091 has been updated to only safeguard Windows devices which have one of the small subset of games and apps which are still affected by this issue.

Hence, it looks like the upgrade block on at least some Windows 11 devices (which had the Safeguard ID 41990091) has been removed as Microsoft has been able to narrow in on a group of games or apps causing the issues. Initially, the company put up the safeguard hold for two IDs, 41766570 and 41990091.

Finally, Microsoft adds that it could take about 48 hours before the Windows 11 2022 feature update is offered on your system.

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