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Microsoft is turning its back on HTC for Windows RT

Microsoft has to make a tremendous play in the tablet segment if it hopes to catch the lead that Apple has established. New information coming from Bloomberg states that Microsoft has turned its back on HTC when it comes to providing them the necessary information to build a Windows RT tablet. 

Microsoft locked out HTC by citing concerns that the company does not have expertise in developing tablets and that they do not sell enough tablets to make it worth Microsoft's time. That's a pretty bold statement considering that HTC is currently developing devices for Microsoft's other mobile operating system, Windows Phone. 

While we do not expect Microsoft or HTC to confirm the information, it has to be a blow to HTC's ego as the company is facing stiff competition in the mobile market. If Microsoft is unwilling to give them the assistance to build Windows 8 tablets, HTC will be stuck with using Android for such products. 

Microsoft already has a number of high profile partners in the Windows RT segment and they do have to draw the line somewhere. But we can't help but think, if Microsoft shuns HTC in this area, what incentive does HTC have to push the boundaries with its Windows Phone devices?

Source: Bloomberg

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