Microsoft updates Photosynth, adds lots of features and a preview tag

Microsoft has been developing its Photosynth technology for several years now, offering a way for photographers to create some spectacular looking panoramic image experiences by stitching together a number of 2D photos. Today, the company announced it has launched a preview version of its third generation Photosynth innovations, which promises to offer new and smoother panoramic photos.

In a Bing blog post, Microsoft says that the new version of Photosynth will offer four different photo views. One is the normal panorama mode, where you view an image in 360 degrees as if you are in the center of the photo. Another is "spin", which puts an object is in the center of the image and the viewpoint spins around that object. Yet another mode is "walk" where the image looks like a person is walking through the scene. Finally, there's "wall" mode, where the image looks like it is sliding from side to side.

Microsoft says that a series of photographs of the same scene can be uploaded to the Photosynth preview website to create these new experiences. Once they are made, the photos can be shared via Twitter, Facebook or embedded on a website. Microsoft is still supporting the first two generations of Photosynth but recommends that photographers use the new preview version.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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