Microsoft wants to lead PC gaming revolution

Having received much criticism over its lack of support for the PC and the Games for Windows Live service, Microsoft Games Studios' Dave Luehmann is now saying that the company should be putting more resources into the platform. Speaking in an interview with MCV, the General Manager said that it's Microsoft's responsibility to "lead the way" when it comes to PC gaming.

"There's been a fair bit of criticism aimed at Microsoft that we were spending a lot of our focus on console, and we need to be putting resources behind PC as well. Other companies should look to Microsoft for leadership, but I'm not sure they do. It is our job to lead the way on PC. And in some ways we are doing that and in other ways we are not. So we need to step up."

Microsoft plans to invest in the PC by bringing three large intellectual properties to the platform. Fable III, Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight will all use Games for Windows Live service, the PC equivalent of Xbox Live. However, Luehmann says the company isn't going to stop there. "I think it is the responsibility of first parties to push the business models in to new directions. We will test some ideas - some will work and some won't."

Luehmann's comments come only a week after another Microsoft employee stated that "hardly anyone" plays first-person shooters on the PC today, with console-only titles such as Halo: Reach.

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