Microsoft's latest Windows Azure commercial combines jousting, stuffed animals.

Microsoft wants businesses to use its Windows Azure cloud services for its many features. Earlier this month, the company launched the new Windows Azure Infrastructure Services. which now allow enterprise users to run their applications on cloud servers.

This week, Microsoft launched a new promotional video for Windows Azure Infrastructure Services and its a tad different from the norm; it doesn't actually show the new features at all. Instead, it shows how employees at a company who have Infrastructure Services in place spend their time because, apparently, they will have much more time to do goofy stuff now that Microsoft's new product is running things.

In this case, the YouTube video show two groups of employees engaging in an Middle Ages-style duel in the office, complete with lances that have stuffed animals at their tips. 

The only really bad thing about the video is that we don't see which "office duel" team wins the match at the end. Hopefully, Microsoft will give us a little bit of closure and release a second video showing the victor standing on top of their vanquished work colleagues.

Source: Windows Azure on YouTube

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