Microsoft's mysterious project Arcadia is moving forward; will 'delight Windows Mobile users'

Project Arcadia is one of Microsoft’s mysterious and exciting services, that comes up from time to time, but which is still lacking concrete details. Arcadia came up once again yesterday in a job posting from the company, but this brought more questions than answers.

Arcadia is the codename for a Microsoft streaming service, that was born out of Rio a cloud-based game-streaming program. Though little is known about Arcadia, the service is supposedly one of a kind and will allow for all new experiences on Microsoft’s platforms.

As Mary Jo Foley first reported at the end of last year, Arcadia is being built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud and will be capable of streaming diverse content including games and apps. In fact, Arcadia was once rumored to be Microsoft’s solution to bringing Android apps to Windows Phones, but those plans were reportedly shelved.

Now, this job posting only brings more questions as the company is looking to hire a senior software engineer inside the Operating System’s Group. The post mentions Arcadia directly saying that this is a product “NEVER done before” and one that will “delight end users on Windows Mobile”. The job itself is related to analyzing the data coming in from Arcadia with software health and consumer satisfaction models being implemented and used to test and stabilize “deliverables”.

Unfortunately, that only leaves us with more questions as to what exactly is Microsoft working on and it might be a long wait before we learn the truth, because Arcadia is likely a product or service that will become public after Windows 10 launches this summer.

Then again, given its new propensity for being open, Microsoft might begin talking publicly about Arcadia as soon as BUILD which takes place later this month.

Source: Microsoft Careers via: Walking Cat

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