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Microsoft's SMS Organizer app for Android reportedly rolling out to more regions

Microsoft's Garage division in India released a messaging app for Android in 2018 that was available only in that country. The app, SMS Organizer, as the name suggests, helped users organize their messages by automatically categorizing promotional messages using Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. Now, it looks like the app is beginning to be made available to a wider audience.

As per reports, users in the U.S., the UK, and Australia can now register their mobile numbers and use the SMS Organizer app. Previously, even if you sideloaded the app, the registration process couldn’t be completed if you didn’t have a valid Indian phone number.

The app does more than just managing and segregating messages based on the type of message. It provides various other functions such as Smart Reminders, that include reminders for events, bills, travel, and more. In addition to upcoming events, it can also display past reminders/orders.

The app also includes a ‘Finance’ section that collates messages pertaining to your digital wallets, bank accounts, and the like. Based on the transaction details, the app can provide a list of accounts and the current account balances – with the option to look at transactions without having to sift through the messages. For those worried about prying eyes, this section can also be protected via users’ preferred screen lock type, such as biometrics or PIN. Additionally, the app does not upload any of this information to the cloud, since all the ML happens right on the device.

The app also provides an option to back up messages to a Google Drive account. Currently, an ability to back up to OneDrive does not seem to be an option. In all, the app is extremely useful for those that want to organize messages. The additional features are impressive and do make it a viable alternative to native messaging solutions on Android for those that prefer the firm’s different solution.

With the app now supposedly rolling out to more regions, it will be interesting to see if this Garage project finds a place in Microsoft’s renewed mobile focus. For now, though, there is no official word on the availability of the app outside of India.

With the company constantly introducing more features for easier cross-device sync, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this app gain more momentum in some form. Will the app move out of the Garage and join the likes of Microsoft Launcher, To-Do, or Your Phone? Only time can tell.

Let us know if this app is available in your region and if yes, what do you think of it?

Source: XDA Developers

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