MSN Messenger 6.2 Revised

Another update today on the interior MSN Messenger site (We've named it internal before, but that seems to be the wrong name according to Microsoft). This time we won't tell you the release has been delayed again, no this time we are going to provide you with the information that all of the features we have mentioned earlier have been canceled. This also confirms our suspicion that the so called deluxe display pictures aka animated avatars are going to be an integrated version of the Korean MSN PowerPlus.

So what did change? They have added some more spam about getting MSN Explorer in order to use MSN Photo Swap. The graphics in the help files got a little bit smoother. And they have translated the new pages to many more foreign languages.

If we make a sum of all the changes and information available on the interior site, we can say without a doubt that even the scrawny MSN Messenger 4.0 for Mac update is going to be a bigger "revolution" than MSN Messenger 6.2.

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