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Thanks to Sweetpete and all the people that sent in emails about the release of MSN 4.6, You can download it from our Software Section. This post has more to do with the new functionality of Messenger for Windows. Those boys over at Redmond eventually came up with an idea to include ads into the latest version of MSN (Windows) Messenger for XP by releasing a small add-in that allows users to send "Pagers" or SMS text messages to mobile devices. When activated a small ad window becomes visable in the Windows Messenger window. This is a surprise and welcome addition (the SMS service) while other companies are dropping it left right and center. There is talk that the ICQ version of SMS messaging will be dropped due to the fact that it is just not worth its weight in advertising (or money) The only downside to the MSN version is that you can only send SMS messages to people already on your contacts list.

To be rid of the ad in XP simply go to Tools > Addins and un-check "MSN"

You can re-enable it when you need to send an SMS.

Download: Add-in for MSN Messenger 4.6 (52kb)

View: MSN Add-in Website

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