[MWC 2019] Lexon is a design company making some unique-looking accessories

In the technology world, the name Lexon probably doesn't mean much to a lot of people. But the French company has been around for 28 years as a design business. It makes all kinds of everyday products, but presents them in interesting and unique designs. In line with that, the company has also started making some technology accessories, and we got to see them at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Most of the tech products Lexon had at the show are speakers, and one of my favorites might be the Mino. It's a tiny, almost adorable, Bluetooth speaker that can fit just about anywhere. At 3W of power, it won't be incredibly loud, but even in the noisy show floor, I could hear it pretty well. The Mino isn't exactly new, but Lexon is introducing a bunch of new color models this year. The Mino is also seen as a companion to the Mina, which is an equally tiny light that can toggle between a warm and a cold white color.

The original Mino line
Mino Glossy colors
Mino Camo line
Mino and Mina
Mino X

There are also a couple of variants of the Mino if you're interested. One is the same speaker but in a water-resistant package, the Mino X, and then there's the Mino L, which is a bigger, puck-like speaker. It doesn't look quite as unique, but it does pack a more powerful 5W speaker unit.

There are even more speakers outside the Mino line, and they all feature either unique designs, as well as combinations of features that are pretty interesting. The Oslo Energy, for example, is another 3W speaker, but it's also a Qi wireless charger. There are also speakers that are built into lamps, and others just have very unique designs, like the S.A.L.T collection.

Oslo Energy
Miami Sound
Tykho Speaker
S.A.L.T Cylindre
S.A.L.T Balle
S.A.L.T Prisme

Possibly one of my favorite speakers in the lineup is the Tykho 3, which is also an FM radio. Previous versions of the Tykho were either a radio or a speaker, but the 3 actually has both. I found that this combination of technologies is very cool, even if it's just for the fact that it's kind of unique. It also comes in an almost toy-like design that would have you believe it's not a real speaker at all.

Moving on from speakers, Lexon also has some wireless chargers. The most basic one is the New York charger, which is super slim but can still deliver fairly fast 10W of wireless charging. There's also a wireless power bank in the New York collection, which features the same design language, but of course has a larger body to host the battery. It also charges at 10W. Possibly my favorite wireless charger at the event was the Oblio. From the outside, it looks like a vase, and all you have to do is slip your phone into it to charge it. But it does more than that - it also has a UV light which will sterilize your phone while it's in there.

Aside from the more techy side of things, Lexon makes a lot of other products, such as lights, alarm clocks, and some everyday objects. Almost all of them either feature unique designs, but because they're not necessarily interesting in terms of technology, I won't describe them. You can see them in the pictures below, though.

Miami Sunrise, an alarm clock with a sunrise light
Miami Time, alarm clock with a radio
Oslo Time, alarm clock
Flip alarm clock
Slide alarm clock
City collection
Miami Light
Cloche rechargeable light
Mina rechargeable light

Lexon sells in a number of countries already, including the United States. You can buy them through the company's website or on Amazon, though many of the objects at the show are new for 2019 and can't be bought just yet.

Obviously, the prices for these products are higher than you'd pay for equivalent products from other accessory makers, but I don't think you would buy these products because they're cheap, and you wouldn't buy them for their feature set alone. They're design pieces, they're meant to blend in with the environment and add to it. The way I see it, they're meant to be something that you love having on your desk or in your home, even when you're not using them. In that sense, I think Lexon is creating some truly unique products, and I appreciate that kind of approach.

Neowin is at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona taking place between Feb 25-28 to bring you coverage direct from the show floor, click here for our other articles at the event.

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