Nearby sharing now works on Chrome OS Canary but is still in a ‘limited beta'

Just a month after it was discovered that Google’s AirDrop-alternative, Nearby Sharing, would be coming to Chrome OS, Windows and Mac, there’s news that it now already works on Chrome OS Canary developer builds.

Nearby Sharing has indeed come a long way and will make life a lot easier when compared to the current alternative that needs you to manually pair devices via Bluetooth to share files. While that’s good news for Android smartphones, it’s even better news for those who want to share files between Windows and Mac devices as well as Google’s Chrome OS.

Chrome Story in its video points out that Nearby Sharing has begun to appear on Chrome OS Canary and it is working as well. But for now, it appears to do so in a very basic way as the UI too appears to be the same as it is on Android today. Despite this, they managed to enable it in the share menu of the Chrome OS Files app.

9to5Google tried out the same, but was unable to get the service working on its Chromebook with Chrome OS Canary on board. It concluded that Nearby Sharing is only currently available as a ‘limited beta test’ meaning that the feature has yet to roll out widely.

Source: Chrome Story

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