NeoGamr: The NEW home of PC gaming!

It's only been a few months since we launched Neogamr, but guess what? We decided that a mish-mash of everything on the site was perhaps not the best idea, so we're slimming down just to cover the best aspects of the gaming industry: PC gaming. There are loads of sites out there already that cover the general video gaming market, but surprisingly few dial down to cover the roots of all gaming.

We're making NeoGamr the NEW home of PC gaming, and we hope you'll stick around to get some solid coverage of the PC gaming market.

Expect the latest news on PC games, upcoming releases, required specifications, coverage of indie PC games, interviews, previews, galleries, reviews and a whole lot more I can't be bothered to list. The NeoGamr staff are aiming to make this site the best there is for PC games, and we hope that all our readers will stick around as we shift our focus.

Yes, NeoGamr will be staying ad-free for the time being, so enjoy super fast content delivery along with some awesome stuff to read. Bummed we're not covering console gaming anymore? Well join in the discussion in our forums, which are staying as the usual mix of games and tech.

We hope everyone enjoys the changes we are making to NeoGamr - we really want it to be an awesome site that people can trust for the best in PC gaming - and thanks to those who continue to read and support the site. Enjoy!

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