Netgear touts new premium routers

We stopped by the Netgear booth at CES today, and found several new products and revamps to their router lines that will please most consumers.

The WNDR3800 router

First up is the new WNDR3800 router, this dual-band gigabit router, with wireless N capability includes a built in USB port that makes for sharing content a breeze. Instead of having to power up a computer, or find a PC that has the actual content, files can be stored in a universal place instead. USB printer sharing and remote file access are also available via the new ReadyShare Remote. This router retails for $179 and will ship before June of this year.

Another router, the WDN4000, that is similar to the WND3800 in the fact that it's also dual-band and Wireless N capable, however the 5GHz radio on the WND4000 supports three-stream N connections that allow for a connection rate of 450 Mbps. This router will retail for $179.99 and will be available this quarter.


The PTV2000

Netgear also showed off its PTV2000 Push2TV HD adapter, that is an upgrade from the older PTV1000 released last year. Just like the previous version, the 2000 is only compatible with Intel WiDi devices, but it supports full 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. This device retails for $119.99 and will ship this month.

One of the last cool things we saw was the WN3000RP Universal Wifi Range Extender, which as you guessed, increases signal ranges including N 2.4GHz frequencies. The WN3000RP should extend wireless range to cover two floors of a house, and possible exterior areas depending on materials used in a homes construction.

Netgear has really stepped up their game, and looks to be building feature packed routers that should appease most requirements for the average consumer.

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