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New figures show Chrome dominating over Edge in Windows 10

Although Microsoft has reinvented its take on a browser in Edge, new figures show that the new browser still has a mountain to climb - even on Windows 10 - let alone OS market share, if it's going to truly place itself in back in the dominant position Internet Explorer held for so long before being rendered obsolete by Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox.

Analysis performed by Quantcast shows that in the US, just 12 percent of Windows 10 users are using Edge, while Chrome is dominating usage with a greater than 70 percent share.

And while Microsoft Edge is now the new default browser in Windows 10 - and despite 110 million installs - it would be reasonable to assume that Microsoft's own web browser would be doing a lot better; but Quantcast's figures show that Edge has only put a dent in Internet Explorer's crown as the web browser that is used to download another web browser.

Once Windows 7 and 8 are factored in, we see that Edge takes an even larger hit, but so does Chrome, falling under the 70% share. Internet Explorer still accounts for around 20 percent of the market in the US, but looking at the Windows 10 stats, it's clear that people upgrading to the latest version of Windows are also using it as an opportunity to check out the browser competition. This is apparent with Chrome's larger share of Windows 10 users when compared to Windows 7, 8, and 10 combined.

Windows 10 Wave 2 is scheduled to release in Q4, which will also bring a more complete version of the Edge browser, but until Microsoft adds the features consumers really want in Edge, the company will continue to look up, rather than down at Chrome's lofty market share.

Note: Edge is currently only available on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Source & Images: Quantcast via Betanews

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