Nielsen: public awareness of Project Scorpio very low

In its latest "US Games 360 Report 2017" report, research firm Nielsen shared some interesting statistics regarding the public awareness and current popularity of Microsoft's upcoming response to Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro.

Code named Project Scorpio, Microsoft is calling the high-end Xbox console the 'most powerful console' ever built, featuring 4K capability, 12GB of DDR5 RAM, support for adaptive sync technologies and more. This lengthy list of high-end features has, however, yet to yield returns in terms of public awareness for the upcoming device, with Nielsen reporting only 14% of the gamer population being aware of the console, and the number falling down to 11% for the general populace. This is a low percentage compared to the rather massive 72% and 77% awareness for the Xbox One and PS4, respectively, among gamers, and 69% and 61% awareness among the general population.

This is, of course, to be expected at this early stage of development for the console, especially given that it does not even have an official title yet. There was, however, some rather optimistic news regarding the potential success of the console on its release too, with purchase intent relative to awareness among both groups being superlative.

With only 14% of the gamer population being aware of the console, it speaks volumes that almost all of them (13% of the population) are interested in purchasing the console upon its release. While this may seem like a small amount, it is a stark contrast to the Xbox One and PS4, which may feature high awareness ratings of 72% and 77% but whose purchase intent quickly fall to 17% and 21%, respectively. While Project Scorpio may not be as well known as the current generation of consoles, it would seem that those aware of it are definitely keeping their eyes peeled. As Microsoft launches an official marketing campaign nearing the console's release, these numbers may well increase even further.

Source: Nielsen via Gamespot

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