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Nintendo warns of Switch production and shipping delays because of the coronavirus

Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch production and shipping will be delayed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that is affecting business in China. In its statement, Nintendo said that the Switch and some peripheral devices such as Joy-Con controllers and the Ring Fit Adventure gadget will be affected; the Ring Fit Adventure peripheral was already out of stock in places but these delays will mean customers have to wait even longer.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), there over 28,000 confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV but recoveries have outstripped deaths by more than two times which suggests China could be getting the outbreak under control. Nintendo will be dependent on China allowing people back to work before it can get back on track with the production and shipments of its devices.

According to Reuters, Nintendo had begun moving some of its production down to Vietnam from China in 2019. While production in Vietnam will be able to continue, it can't produce enough devices as is needed.

Nintendo’s statement on the matter was brief, it didn’t give any information on what financial impact this delay will cause, which markets will notice stock shortages, when it estimates the problem will be resolved, nor if it’s taking any action to mitigate the impact. According to the latest data, Nintendo’s stock price is pretty flat following the announcement but that could be because it already fell several dollars last week.

Source: Nintendo via Reuters

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