Nintendo Wii for $250 USD on November 19th

Pardon my short news story here folks, but my current health situation prevents me from doing this story the justice it deserves. Needless to say, it's big news.

This is according to Voodoo Extreme by way of a Seattle news source from the NY Times that was apparently "leaked" a bit early. The said NY Times article has since been removed for now, more than likely because Nintendo wants to keep a wraps on it until after a Japanese press event taking place literally right now announcing said story:

In a move that may allow Nintendo of Japan to take advantage of stumbles by its main rival, the company plans to announce today that it will release its new Wii video-game console in North and South America on Nov. 19, just as the holiday shopping season begins, and that the machine will cost $250 in the United States.

Nintendo executives said this week that the company also would announce today that more than 25 new games would be available for its video-game machine this year, a substantial portfolio from several genres that is intended to help the company broaden the appeal of its console. The company plans to ship 4 million of the Wii consoles worldwide this year.

Nintendo intends to announce today that every Wii will come with a game compilation called Wii Sports -- including tennis, golf, baseball and bowling -- meant to show off the machine's intuitive controls.

So, according to various sources including VE3D the Nintendo Wii will see the following:
  • Wii launching December 2nd in Japan at a cost of 25,000 Yen or about $212 USD
  • In the box you get the Wii console, console stand, sensor bar for the Wii remote, sensor bar stand, two AA batteries (rechargable?), Nunchuck controller attachment, Wii remote and hand strap (so you don't launch it half way across the room while throwing your hands around like a big girl when playing Wii Tennis), an AC adaptor, an Audio-Video cable, and some lovely promotional leaflets, along with the manual of course.
  • 30 Virtual Console Games will be available at launch, costing between $5 and $10.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will launch alongside the console in Japan, along with 15 other titles.
  • Reports from the Japanese conference indicate that Wii Sports will not be a bundled title over there. (yikes)
I will update this story when new information comes out, if I can.

News source: VE3D
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