Nokia releases first official Nokia X videos; promises 'life in the fastlane'

Hot on the heels of Nokia's official reveal of its three Android-based Nokia X smartphones, the company has posted a trio of new videos showcasing the devices, including one that barely shows the phone in action.

One of the clips, posted on Nokia's YouTube channel, is a rather slick looking view of the smartphones, with lots of sweeping camera views of the Nokia X and its UI. It shows off features such as the Fastlane notification page, playing Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and using Skype.

The second clip is over four minutes long and shows Nokia marketing exec Neil Broadley getting more in-depth with the Nokia X models. He tries to push the idea that the Nokia X devices merge the best of Nokia and Microsoft's services with all of the Android apps that can be run on the smartphones, either from Nokia's own app store or via third party storefronts. The video really shows how the user interface works in a way that's similar to Microsoft's Modern UI, including being able to move and resize the tiles around.

The third Nokia X video is, well, rather odd. It shows some young adults in unnamed cities in Asia, Europe and what looks to be India running around and doing things like dancing, tagging abandoned buildings and other activities. The video only shows the Nokia X being used by these folks for a few seconds. Apparently the idea is that this phone is supposed to keep up with the "fast" lifestyle of young adults, with the tagline "Life in the fastlane". We will soon see if that marketing push will work, as the Nokia X is supposed to go on sale immediately in most parts of the world, but not North America yet.

Source: Nokia on YouTube

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