Nokia will let you try a Lumia 920 for two weeks

Nokia is known for their non-traditional techniques for advertising and creative ways of getting their products into your hands. If you have been salivating over the Lumia 920 (or even the 900) but are not sure if the device is right for you, Nokia will let you test drive the device for two weeks.

You can get your name on the list to test drive a Lumia device by visiting the link here but note that you must agree to the company’s terms and conditions. Additionally, Nokia has been running this test-drive style promotion for some time but the confirmation the Lumia 920 will be a part of the process, has not been mentioned previously (the device will become available soon for selection on the site).

Nokia has been tossing out infographics left and right slandering the competition while they build up the hype to the Lumia 920 launch. On paper, Nokia’s device appears to be king in nearly aspects but with our marginal hands on time (and no scrolling) with Windows Phone 8, it will come down to the polish of the OS to see who the real winner is. 

Head on to the source link to get yourself signed up and if you have wanted to get your hands on any of the current gen devices, Nokia can hook you up with those too. 

Source: Nokia

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