Microsoft asking Chinese companies to stop pirating Office

Software piracy is a known problem around the world, but it is a particular concern in China, which the US government has claimed in the past has not done enough to curb pirated software sales. Today, a new report claims that Microsoft has asked four state-owned companies in China to stop using unauthorized version of its Microsoft Office software suite, along with versions of its Windows software

Bloomberg reports, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft filed a complaint in August against CNPC, China Post Group, China Railway Construction Corp. and Travelsky Technology Ltd. to the Chinese government. The complaint claims that there is extensive use of unauthorized versions of its software in place in all four companies.

The report claims that, in the case against China Railway Construction, 84 percent of the company's Office software is pirated and it adds that 97 percent of its Windows server client software is also unauthorized.

Microsoft has yet to comment officially on the allegations. In a statement, China Railway Construction said, "We do not rule out the possibility some subsidiary units may have used unauthorized software, but it certainly is not such a large proportion. The company attaches great importance to this matter, and we are holding an internal inquiry." None of the other companies listed in the story have commented on Microsoft's complaint.

Source: Bloomberg

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