OEM versions of Vista Ultimate available for pre-order

NEOWIN member hardgiant spotted over at overclockers.co.uk that Windows Vista Ultimate 32/64 OEM discs have been added at just £114.99, which when converted to USD comes to $262.750 plus tax. The full retail version costs £352.49 a whopping $685.235 after tax.

They also advertise Windows XP with SP2 OEM at £93.99 after tax. The website is accepting pre-orders and will most likely ship on or after January 30th, the official launch date for Windows Vista for OEM's.

The only catch to this very lucrative offer is that you have to buy hardware along with the order, I know some vendors that accept either keyboards, mice or a USB storage key as a 'hardware' order. I was unable to find the terms of purchase for the Overclockers website regarding OEM discs. The requirement is usually as stated above.

If you were looking to get Windows Vista Ultimate but were scared off by the initial pricing, this might be a good deal for you.

View: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit Edition DVD - OEM @ Overclockers
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