OnePlus 8 series phones on beta builds mistakenly served stable update, wiping all data

OnePlus began rolling out OxygenOS to the OnePlus 8 series devices running stable builds, over the weekend. The update brought a bunch of fixes and added the Canvas feature for the always-on display. However, the firm accidentally also rolled out the update to phones running beta builds, resulting in those devices losing all user data.

The company was quick to respond to user reports and acknowledge the issue, posting an update in the forums asking users to not install the stable build over Open Beta 3, or performing a backup via OnePlus Switch or other methods before installing the update. The complete statement read:

It seems like some users are reporting receiving the Stable update over the Open Beta 3, leading to a full data wipe. This information was already shared with the the software team so it can be checked and addressed. Meanwhile, if you receive an update OTA, please double-confirm if it's an Open Beta update. If it isn't, please DO NOT install it.

We strongly suggest you to backup your key data via a cloud service, perform a full backup via OnePlus Switch, and transfer it to a computer or a USB drive for double insurance.

For those that downloaded the update and were due for a restart for the installation process, the firm quickly provided a solution in the form of an app that prevented the device from losing all the data. The apk link was posted to the forums for download, which can then be used to keep user data. However, for users that already performed a restart, there was no workaround to retrieve the lost data.

Other problems caused by this accidental release included users losing access to two-factor authentication apps, in turn locking them out of other services, and more. The firm has currently halted the rollout of OxygenOS to all devices.

It is best for OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro owners to make sure to check if their Open Beta enabled devices has a pending update and perform the steps listed by the firm to avoid losing data.

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