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Oops! Looks like ChatGPT "lied" about making up its own game

Sumplete is a puzzle game made by ChatGPT

Earlier this week, the internet was all abuzz about Sumplete. It was a simple browser-based game that was reportedly "created" by the ChatGPT chatbot. A user, Daniel Tait, asked it to make a simple puzzle game similar to Sudoku. ChatGPT claimed to have made up the rules, and also created the code for the game. As it turns out, that's not correct.

TheGoogle Play Store listing for Summer

As Digital Trends reports, it discovered a game with the exact same rules as Sumplete. It's called Summer, from developer RP Apps and Games, and it's available for Android in the Google Play Store. When asked about this development, Tait responded that he would have liked for ChatGPT to be honest in its claims of making the game. He stated:

I also think ChatGPT should add some sort of explanation as to how it has generated a response including data sources that helped train that particular answer.

The implications of a chatbot like ChatGPT just taking a game that's already been invented and then claiming that it invented and programmed the game itself are pretty substantial. Indeed, as part of the Digital Trend article, the author asked ChatGPT to make a game similar to other games. When it asked to come up with a game similar to The Last of Us, it started to create its plot details, and it was completely ripped off from Naughty Dog's game, including using the names of Ellie and Joel as its main characters.

The lesson here is that chatbots like ChatGPT are still in very early development, and users should not assume that a chatbot's message that it "created" original content is correct.

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