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ChatGPT now available in preview in Azure OpenAI Service

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At its Build conference last year, Microsoft introduced the Azure OpenAI Service in preview, offering a way for customers to leverage some of the most advanced AI language models for various use cases. Then, earlier this year, the tech giant announced general availability for the service, bringing access to additional enterprise benefits, as well as promising ChatGPT on the platform soon.

Today, in keeping with its commitment, Microsoft has launched ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI Service, enabling developers to utilize a variety of AI-powered scenarios.

For starters, existing chatbot experiences can now be enhanced for more efficient customer support, along with better claims processing automation. Moreover, Azure Cognitive Services can be combined with Azure OpenAI service in powerful ways, such as knowledge-based retrieval regarding a firm's own data, as well as more "trustworthy" responses that build and improve upon interaction patterns.

Microsoft highlighted various customers who would be leveraging the chatbot in Azure OpenAI Service; these include The Office Depot Corporation, Singapore’s Smart Nation Digital Government Office, and Icertis, among others. Carl Brisco, Vice President Product and Technology, The Office Depot Corporation, commented on his firm's interest in leveraging ChatGPT in this manner, noting:

"The Office Depot (ODP) Corporation is excited to leverage the powerful AI technology of ChatGPT from Azure OpenAI Service, made possible through our collaboration with Microsoft. This technology will help [The Office Depot Corporation] drive continued transformation in our business, more effectively explore new possibilities, and design innovative solutions to deliver even greater value to our customers, partners, and associates. [...] By utilizing ChatGPT's natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, [The Office Depot Corporation] aims to streamline its internal operations and drive business success."

Although Azure OpenAI Service customers can start using ChatGPT today, billing will begin on March 13, priced at $0.002/1k tokens. Those interested in getting started with it can learn more here, while access to Azure OpenAI Service can be obtained here.

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