Opera 55 for Android adds fully customizable dark mode

Opera for Android is getting updated to version 55 today, and for users who use their browser at night, there's some good news. The team is introducing a new night mode in the Opera browser, which expands on the typical dark mode in a number of ways, while also being completely customizable.

One of the new capabilities of the new night mode is the ability to darken bright webpages in addition to the browser UI. Since many websites don't have a built-in dark mode, this could be helpful in dark environments. However, this feature doesn't have to be turned on, and you can fully tailor how night mode works. You can choose whether the browser should use dark mode when night mode is turned on, and whether webpages should also be darkened. There's even an option to dim the keyboard.

In addition, the ability to dim the browser has been updated to work in tandem with the new color temperature setting, so you can adjust both brightness and the amount of blue light you want to let through. Finally, it's now possible to schedule night mode, so it will kick in automatically when you need it to.

Aside from night mode, the new version of Opera improves the news section with support for more languages, including right-to-left ones. Tablets also now present news in a two-column way so more content is visible at once. Tab switching has also been improved with the ability to switch tabs quickly by swiping the menu bar. The latest version also fully supports Android 10 now.

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