Opera "currently looking" at supporting Windows 8 Metro

Since the launch of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, other companies have pledged to develop web browsers that will not only run on Windows 8 but will also support its new Metro interface. Mozilla has already begun the process of creating a Metro version of its Firefox web browser and today Google also confirmed that it was creating a Windows 8 Metro version of Chrome.

Another popular web browser for PC users is Opera. So far, the browser's development team at Opera Software has yet to say whether or not it would create a version specifically for the Metro UI of Windows 8. Neowin contacted Opera today to get an update and received this response from Arnstein Teigene, product manager, Desktop at Opera Software.

Unfortunately we can't comment on any specifics yet, other than we are currently looking into Windows 8. The new OS and the Metro UI offers an interesting new platform and we know users will want to run Opera on it.

While not an official confirmation this would seem to be an indication that Opera Software knows that there is an audience for a Metro style version of Opera. Naturally we will keep you update when and if Opera reveals more about their Windows 8 plans.

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