Orbitz shows different travel data for Mac users

When you go to a travel website, you expect to see the same kinds of sales and information that anyone else sees when they visit the site. However, Orbitz is doing things a little differently. The Wall Street Journal reports that people who head to their website and use Mac-based PCs actually see different information than those who use a Windows PC.

Mac owners even see prices for hotels that are higher on Orbitz.com than those with a Windows PC. That's because Orbitz has determined that Mac owners apparently have more money and are willing to spend more to reserve a hotel. So far, no other travel website has revealed that they treat their Mac customers differently than anyone else.

An example is a search for a hotel in Miami Beach for two nights in July. Searching on a Mac showed more expensive choice on the first page of results that didn't show up when someone searched the site on a PC with the same requirements.

So far, Orbitz is keeping this "feature" to hotel booking but it could expand it to car and flight reservations if this new move is successful. The company's chief scientist Wai Gen Yee said, ""It would be nice to say they book more Porsches, but at this point we're only looking at hotels,"

Source: Wall Street Journal

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