New Smoked by Windows Phone ad campaign begins

Microsoft started its "Smoked by Windows Phone" viral marketing campaign at CES 2012 as random people were challenged to complete tasks with their smartphone faster than a Windows Phone device. It turned out to be major Internet hit and Microsoft decided to expand it into an official video ad campaign. Microsoft says the ads have now been viewed over 25 million times and the company has also participated in 150,000 in-person challenges in 45 countries worldwide.

Today, the official Windows Phone blog has announced that Microsoft has launched a new series of Smoked by Windows Phone video ads. The campaign will be seen on web sites such as MSN and MSNBC. Users of Skype and the Xbox 360 console might also see the ads; you can also go ahead and check out all of the ads on YouTube.

This time, Microsoft's Ben Rudolph is seen in the videos taking to the hard and mean streets of Seattle. In the above video, he is shown competing with a woman named Ramona with a Samsung Stratosphere phone. Rudolph challenges the woman to find a seafood restaurant and the share the details of the restaurant with her friends; she gets a free dinner at that restaurant if she wins.

Naturally, Rudolph beats her with his Nokia Lumia 900 as he uses features such as Local Scout that offers up cool places to see nearby. The Share button on the Windows Phone OS also allows him to quickly share the restautant location with friends.

However, Rudolph decides to show mercy to Ramona. Not only does he give her a free restaurant visit anyway, but also gives her a new Lumia 900.

Source: Windows Phone blog

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