Outlook Spaces shows up in leaked video, makes it easier to manage projects

Microsoft seems to be working on a new feature for the Outlook website, called Spaces, based on a recently leaked video from Twitter user WalkingCat. The video shows off a number of different Spaces, which look somewhat like whiteboards - not to be confused with Microsoft Whiteboard - where users can bring together information from multiple sources across Office 365.

On the side bar, we can see that there's a range of options to add different kinds of items, like t-do lists - presumably capable of syncing with Microsoft To-Do, though the icon used isn't exactly the same - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, links, lists, and miscellaneous files. Then, over on the right side, a toolbar brings up even more information, like e-mail messages and calendar events that can also be added directly to the space.

Conceptually, Spaces do appear to be somewhat like Whiteboard in that they make it easier to manage and visualize all the information you have regarding a specific project or idea. It's just a more business-oriented variant of it, with data coming mostly from Office 365. From the video, there's no indication that multiple users can work on the same space, but it seems likely that it would be possible at some point.

According to WalkingCat, it is possible to access Spaces right now if you have a commercial Office 365 account. You'll need to mess with your browser's developer tools in order to enable it, but if you're interested, you can try it using this link and following these instructions.

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