Phoenicia sails to Civilization VI along with Gathering Storm expansion

Arriving as the final faction reveal of Civilization VI's upcoming Gathering Storm expansion is Phoenicia. Being led by Dido, this heavy sea and expansion focused civilization has some unique tricks up its sleeve, like being able to switch the capital to other cities.

Phoenicia's national ability boosts embarked settlers with extra movement and sight for better expanding capabilities across the seas. They also don't receive and penalties when embarking or disembarking. Moreover, any Phoenician coastal cities within the same continent as the capital will remain completely loyal, without succumbing to pressure from other civilizations.

The Harbor district is being replaced by the Cothon, a much more powerful piece of naval infrastructure that will provide a 50% boost for the production of both naval units and settlers. Adding to that, damaged naval units within a Cothon-equipped city's borders will heal them to full in a single turn.

Building Cothons has another benefit, which is a part of Dido's Founder of Carthage unique ability. Phoenician cities with this district will get the ability to become the capital through a unique project, moving the civilization's sphere of loyalty influence around the map where it's needed.

In addition, Founder of Carthage adds extra trade routes for Government Plaza Districts and its buildings, while also increasing production of all districts with a Government Plaza.

While Phoenicia brings an end to the weekly civilization reveals, Firaxis does have another leader reveal in store before the Gathering Storm expansion launches next month on February 14. See here to find all of the new civilizations and here to check out the new features - such as environmental effects - incoming with the expansion.

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