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Planet Coaster's free Spring Update adds crime, security systems and more

Frontier Development's Planet Coaster launched last year to high praise from critics and fans for its powerful building tools, however, its park management side left a lot to be desired.

Today, the developers have released the Spring Update, coming with a variety of new content for the game, such as coasters, rides, new building components, park security systems and more. The update's new trailer is seen below.

Other changes aside, the update's new crime and security management systems are probably its main highlights. In fact, if you're not careful, your meticulously built parks will soon be swarming with pickpockets and vandals, driving away all your valuable guests. To counter this, be prepared to spend some cash on the newly introduced guards and CCTV cameras.

The pickpocket is the game's brand new guest type, who will decrease happiness levels of other guests by stealing their funds and reducing your park's income. Overly unhappy guests will then have a chance of becoming vandals and proceed to unceremoniously destroy objects in your park, which in turn leads to even more unhappy guests.

To combat the miscreants mentioned above, you can hire security guards, who will try to chase and capture the offenders. You can even order them to eject guests that seem suspicious, even before a crime is committed (vaguely disturbing but sounds fun nonetheless). In addition, the new security cameras will lower crime levels around them and help in identifying guests that do act out.

Frontier has provided the full update notes on its announcement page containing an enormous list of changes, with the update's description reading:

"The sun is shining, birds are singing and Planet Coaster is celebrating the new season with three new roller coasters, three new fully-customizable flat rides and the unique ‘Speed’ go-kart ride to thrill and delight your park guests. But a new danger lurks in the world of Planet Coaster, with pickpockets and vandals now operating your parks. A crime-ridden park will see guests’ happiness fall along with your profits, but security guards and CCTV cameras are on hand to keep park guests safe and prevent mischief-makers from spoiling the fun. "

The Spring Update for Planet Coaster is now live on PC, and if the game sounds like anything you'd be interested in, it's available to purchase through Steam.

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