Polaroid's "Selfie"smartphone is a mid-tier Oppo N1 clone

We've seen it done before, a company creates a unique device only to have it cloned by a manufacturer in China. Well, it looks like this time, it's the other way around. With the introduction of its new "Selfie" smartphone at CES, Polaroid has blatantly decided to copy Chinese manufacturer Oppo.

Oppo released the N1 nearly a year ago. Polaroid has decided to "borrow" some of the N1's unique features for its new "Selfie" smartphone. The most obvious detail will be the rotatable camera, but Polaroid has also "borrowed" the touch trackpad located on the back of both devices.

Unlike the Oppo N1, the "Selfie" is positioned as a mid-tier device. The Polaroid "Selfie" will have a fairly robust set of specifications including:

  • 5.5" IPS 720p display
  • Octo-core processor (most likely Mediatek, Polaroid did not have this information available)
  • 2GB RAM with 16GB of storage
  • 13MP rotatable camera

Although details weren't readily available at CES, Polaroid does plan to launch this device in the United States. The exact date, price and carrier availability were not available. But, this device will make its debut sometimes in 2015, if Oppo doesn't decide to intervene with the release.

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