PowerUser.tv Episode 27: IE7, Taxes, WoW and More!

Tech news: This week Kristin, Derek and Brad bring you news of IE7, we are in awe of Cingular's bold move, we applaud Apple for yet another good idea, and we describe ways to get around Google's "Great Firewall of China". Also, some say that spending too much time online means not enough social interaction, but a new study proves otherwise. In your face, Mom!

Tax news: Bill Gates is so rich (how rich is he?) that the IRS must use a special computer just to deal with his taxes. Hardly surprising, considering that Kristin needs a special computer just to contemplate how rich Bill Gates is. A Texas politician has suggested a 100% tax on violent video games (among other proposed taxes). We wrap up our tax news with a look at Take 2's books.

Game news: Los Angeles sues Rockstar Games for the pornographic content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Also in the World of Warcraft we find out there is a bit of a "don't ask don't tell policy". We also learn that there is some challenging new content for top-level gamers.

We answer a question for a caller this week about Windows Vista, and discuss our varied political spectrum based on an online quiz Brad found. Download now for your listening pleasure!

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