PowerUser.tv Episode 34: DRM, Alienware, Oblivion and More!

Vista has been delayed! The team discusses what a disaster this could be for Microsoft, as well as Bill Gates speaking on the delays in IE7. Firefox is taking up the slack with their 2.0 alpha release. Also Google has been forced to reveal websites but not personal information for their users.

France has a controversial plan to make sure that all media players sold in France will play all format types, which would directly affect Apple's iPod sales. DRM stories abound with reports that the MPAA/RIAA saying that it is not ok to break DRM even if it's a threat to your life. Starforce's new way of enforcing their DRM is an instant reboot of your computer anytime you engage is "suspicious activity". Rage! But the team is returned to their former jolly state by being able to discuss porn and the revival of the planned XXX domain. Also Dell puts them to shame by buying Alienware in spite of their podcast last week.

In the gaming segment they also get to discuss something that they haven't been able to talk about before: online crucifixion. The RPG Oblivion has been released and Joel thoroughly enjoys having his butt kicked by it. Lots of PS3 news and other items of interest from GDC. Listen now and let your Geek flag fly!

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