Proton confirms a ProtonMail app for Windows is in the works but it's far from ready

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Proton recently confirmed what certain ProtonMail fans and users would love to hear. The firm stated that it is working on a ProtonMail desktop app for Windows, as well as for those on Mac and Linux. Bart Butler, the CTO of Proton, shared this information via a blog post outlining the progress the company has made so far in the year 2022.

While that is a news good to hear, no release dates , not even for beta, were shared as the project is still in the early stages of development. Butler writes:

Finally, we’re experimenting with an Electron.js desktop app to take ProtonMail beyond the browser for Mac, Linux, and Windows. We’re still in the early stages, and we don’t have a beta or general release timeline just yet. But we know that a desktop app is high on the wishlist for many of you, so we thought you’d like to know it’s on our radar.

Speaking of Proton apps on Windows, the blog post confirms that the Proton Drive is also getting a Windows app later this year, alongside for iOS and Android:

Later in 2022, we will release Drive applications on Windows, iOS, and Android. As usual, these will be available in beta first, followed by a general release.

The Proton Drive beta is also set to receive a Free plan in the next week. You may find more information in the official blog post.

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