ProtonVPN opens four new VPN servers in Brussels, Belgium

The secure VPN provider, ProtonVPN, has opened four new servers housed in Brussels, Belgium. With the expansion, ProtonVPN provides IP addresses from 28 different countries around the world, meaning no matter where you are, you can be sure you’ll get a speedy connection. Having multiple locations is also important to the firm if it wants to attract customers interested in getting around geographic restrictions on content.

The new servers are not accessible to users on a Free tier ProtonVPN account, instead, server one is reserved for those on the Basic plan, while Plus and Visionary users get servers two, three, and four, all to themselves. By reserving servers for higher-tier accounts, those paying more for the service will be able to get a better experience.

Back in August, ProtonVPN held a poll to see where users would like new servers to be added. It committed itself to added at least two countries each month based on the poll rankings; Belgium was number 12 on that list.

Giving its reasons for picking Belgium to open new servers, it said that it was impressed that Belgium was taking cybersecurity and privacy “very seriously”. It added that citizens of the country had several resources available to them which allow for reporting online fraud, tools to teach children about data privacy, and users can even take part in a digital health test to see if they’re following best practices.

Several days ago, Mozilla decided to team up with ProtonVPN. The pair began asking a small group of users if they’d like to subscribe to ProtonVPN for $10 per month, with the earnings being split between Mozilla and ProtonVPN.

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