ProtonVPN update allows users to bypass censorship measures

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ProtonVPN has gained a new feature in the latest update for Android called Smart Protocol Selection which allows users to bypass state and corporate censorship. According to Proton, the firm which develops ProtonVPN, some network operators attempt to block VPN protocols to ensure users can’t connect and bypass restrictions, the update will allow the app to automatically switch protocols if it’s blocked from connecting via normal protocols.

Discussing the new feature, Andy Yen, Founder and CEO of ProtonVPN, said:

“We believe the Internet should be uncensored. Open access to information is a bedrock of democratic society, and our mission is to create online tools that make digital freedom possible. Features like Smart Protocol Selection help our users get free access to the internet, even in the face of state or corporate censorship.”

According to Proton, while filters are widespread, the blocking of certain protocols to prevent VPNs are less common but are still in place in some instances. In these cases, Smart Protocol Selection will help users connect to the open web. As the feature can run automatically, most users should have no issue connecting to the VPN.

Explaining the technical details, Proton said that most VPNs use a protocol called IKEv2 alone, making it easy for network operators to block VPNs. If ProtonVPN notices that this is blocked, it will switch to the OpenVPN protocol and search for unblocked ports increasing the chance of establishing a VPN connection.

The new version of the app is available to download from the Google Play Store right now.

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