Twitter is testing an updated layout for conversational threads on its iOS and web app

Twitter has started testing an updated layout of conversational threads on its iOS and web app. The new layout is reminiscent of the reply threads on other popular social media websites like Reddit and Tumblr where each reply is indented with respect to the comment it is replying to. The social media giant announced this change via a tweet on its support page.

The traditional reply threads on Twitter do not have any indentation. Rather, they're separated by a thin, gray line that signifies the original tweet that the comment is replying to. This usually led to a long list of replies that could get difficult to keep track of.

This updated layout might be helpful in viewing elaborate conversational threads that have a multitude of comments. According to TechCrunch, Twitter has been testing this over the past year on its prototype app twttr. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong also posted a demo of it on her account last month.

Twitter has been actively experimenting with its mobile and web app recently. Along with accessibility changes to its PWA, the social media app is testing a feature where it will be warning users when they write potentially offensive replies. Similarly, support for SMS notifications was removed from most countries back in April as well.

All in all, the updated conversational layout might take a while to roll out for all users as it's still in testing stages. Feedback from the users would also be taken into consideration before implementing the change universally.

Do you like the updated layout of Twitter's conversational threads? Let us know down in the comments below.

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