Rainbow Six Siege: Operation North Star has a new healing operator and major changes

Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star

Doc soon won't be the only dedicated healer in Rainbow Six Siege. Today, Ubisoft fully unveiled Operation North Star, the next major seasonal update hitting its tactical FPS, and coming with it is a new operator, a map rework, and plenty of changes aimed at shaking things up.

Thunderbird is the latest operator breaching into the Defending side, and she is carrying a new type of gadget, Kóna Stations, which share a lot in common with Doc's Stim rounds. Once deployed, these handy dispensers shoot out a dose of healing to any operator that comes near it, and it can even overheal for a temporary health boost. Any downed operator that drags themselves to a Kóna and activates it manually will also get back into fight.

There is a cooldown between each healing shot so don't expect to be overhealed all the time. Kóna Stations also don't care if it's a friend or foe they are healing either, so an enemy attacker could walk up to an unattended one and get the healing dose for themselves.

The promised Favela rework is coming with Operation North Star as well. Most of the map's exterior walls are now indestructible to make defenders' jobs way easier, restricting breaching to the two rooftop stairwells and the windows and doors scattered throughout the higher floors. Check out the quick rundown of Thunderbird and the updated Favela map on the gameplay showcase from Ubisoft below:

Another notable change coming with North Star is the removal of the ability to make singular bullet holes for peaking, forcing players to break off larger parts of walls for this purpose. Operator ragdolls won't be present for long after death either, with them being replaced by a simple translucent icon showing their final position. Moreover, using the melee attack on gadgets with bullet proof glass will fracture to render their scouting capabilities useless.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star update does not have a launch date attached to it yet, as it must spend time on the test server beforehand. PC players will be able to jump into the test server starting on May 25. Not only will it contain all features and changes mentioned above, but also content announced previously that needs more time in the development oven such as operators controlling gadgets and cameras after death, an EMP charge for the bulletproof camera, and more.

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