'Remote S' will soon allow Tesla Model S owners to control their vehicle via an Apple Watch

With the release of the Apple Watch, it was only a matter of time before we would see truly interesting remote applications. While this may be a niche category currently, this developer has created an app that allows control of the Tesla Model S.

Allen Wong has demonstrated a new app that he is working on, called "Remote S". The application allows Tesla Model S owners to control a wide array of features on their vehicle via their Apple Watch. While a majority of the commands seem to be available on the standard Tesla remote, Remote S will offer some expanded functionality of the stock commands.

Currently, the Apple Watch app can relay numerous commands like flashing the vehicles headlights, opening and closing the charging port, it also allows for full control of the sunroof, changing the temperature settings and checking the charging levels of the vehicle. The app will also allow Apple Watch owners to remote start their vehicle.

Naturally, this will be a highly niche app that will most likely see very limited use. But, it is an excellent example of things that can be accomplished with the watch in its infancy. Remote S has not been certified, but has been submitted to Apple App Store for approval. The Apple Watch is currently available, starting at $349 with a delivery date sometime in June.

Source: Rego Apps via 9to5Mac

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