Rockstar: PS3 Contributed to GTA IV Delay

In Fall 2007, Grand Theft Auto IV was suddenly delayed until 2008 due to "technological challenges." It was widely speculated that those challenges came from development difficulties on the PS3. Today, for the first time, the issues stemming from PS3 development were publicly addressed by Rockstar product development VP Jeronimo Barerra in a story on

"It's really no surprise to anybody that the PS3 was definitely a contributing factor to that. Now, we're neck and neck," said Barerra. "That's not an issue anymore. But back then that was something we were taking into account. That's not to say there's anything wrong with the PS3 version. It's awesome. They're both identical."

Grand Theft Auto IV was recently confirmed to be finally touching down April 29, 2008.

News source: Game Daily

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