Rumor: New Playstation 4 dev kits shipping to developers

Sony may not be talking about their successor to the Playstation 3, but apparently some game developers are getting their hands on hardware SDKs for the next game console from the company. Today, a new rumor claims that Sony is shipping a new version of the SDK to some game studios. reports, via unnamed sources, that the SDK being shipped is actually the second of four planned to give to developers. A third version is supposedly coming in January and the final version will be released later in the summer of 2013.

The SDK that's reportedly going to developers this week is basically a PC case with a version of AMD's A10 processor inside, which would seem to confirm earlier reports that Sony won't be using its own Cell processor for the next console, as it did for the PS3.

The dev kit, which has the name "Orbis", also has a Blu-ray disc drive and is projected to run 1080p-based games with 3D enabled, with "no problem." The story adds that Sony may reveal the next game console just prior to E3 in June; the console itself might be released in late 2013.

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