Rumor: Nokia internal render hints at Windows 8 tablet reveal next week

Leaks are simply flowing from everywhere today, as yet another Nokia-related rumor hits the internet. WPDang has uncovered what appears to be an internal Nokia render that shows a tablet-like device somewhat hidden behind a Windows Phone in the front; naturally this tablet is running Windows 8, and it shows a Desktop tile in full view.

You would think that if this image was found on the Nokia intranet as the source claims, that they wouldn't have made a mistake and accidentally included a Windows 8 tablet if they are not planning on releasing one in the near future. WPDang suggests that this tablet will be x86-based due to the fact that the Desktop is present, but we already know Windows RT for ARM-based devices includes the desktop.

As WPCentral points out, Microsoft is in attendance at Nokia's press conference next week on September 5th. This would be a perfect time for Nokia to not only announce new Windows Phone 8 devices like the Lumia 820 and 920, but also to show off a Windows 8-based tablet alongside Microsoft. Of course, this is only just a rumor and one that seems rather iffy at this point; we'll see in just a few days time if it's true.

Source: WPDang | WPCentral

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