Rumor: Roku 2 due to be released soon?

The Roku set top box is one of the easiest and cheapest ways that TV owners can get Internet based entertainment services such as Netflix streaming video, Hulu, Pandora music and more. There are three different versions of the Roku box currently on sale but if Internet reports are indeed correct the next generation version of the Roku could be going on sale very soon.

According to the Zatz Not Funny web site, there will still be three models of the Roku 2 released. The set top box itself seems to be a bit smaller than the original Roku box. Also there's a new controller that is supposed to support not just the video and audio options but games as well. Indeed Roku has already announced plans to allow users of the set top box to play the ultra-popular casual game Angry Birds. Another major new addition is Bluetooth wireless support.

The three new Roku 2 models will have the same price point as the equivalent Roku 1 set top boxes. According to a chart that shows off some of the hardware details, All three versions will have an HDMI port. The standard Roku 2 (HD) will support 720p video resolution and contain 128 MB of RAM. The middle version of the Roku 2 (XD) will support 1080p video resolutions and have 256 MB of RAM. The most expensive version of the Roku 2 (XS) will have the same video and RAM amounts as the Roku 2 XD but will also included extras like an Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port and a reset button.

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