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Rumor suggests that VR could be coming to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo could be getting ready to add some sort of virtual reality (VR) support to the Switch hybrid console, according to a couple of reports. Specifically, the first such experience may be part of a Nintendo Labo set.

NintendoWorldReport's Emily Rogers, who is known for leaking many Nintendo-related announcements, claims that multiple sources have said that the Japanese gaming behemoth could have some VR-related news for the Switch as soon as this year. The report also claims that Nintendo will be adding VR support to some of its first-party titles, though it doesn't specify which.

While this may seem surprising given the hardware, there have been some hints at this in the past. References to a VR Mode have been spotted in the Switch's operating system, and even before the console was released a Nintendo patent showed a tablet-like device being inserted into what appears to be a VR headset.

This report is corroborated by another bit of information from GoNintendo, who claims its own sources have confirmed that the Japanese company does indeed have a VR announcement coming sometime this year. What's more, GoNintendo's anonymous source adds that the first virtual reality experience will be part of a Nintendo Labo kit.

Nintendo Labo offers a pretty unconventional take on video games, bringing cardboard tows into the mix and turning games into a sort of do-it-yourself experience. A cardboard VR headset would also not be a completely new concept, so it could be that Nintendo is going for something along those lines. Of course, nothing has been officially announced, so we'll have to wait to find out if these reports materialize.

Source: NintendoWorldReport, GoNintendo

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